Rogers Beer

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Rogers Beer is the house draft at Lento Restaurant! We are also currently in the rotation at the following bars & restaurants: ACME Bar & Pizza, The Back Nine Grill, Beers of the World (Growlers), The Cottage Hotel of Mendon, Donnelly's Public House, JD Oxfords, Jeffrey's Bar, Jeremiah's Tavern, Lovin' Cup, The Malt & Market (Growlers), McArdle's Pub, The Marshall Street Bar & Grill, Monty's Korner, Monty's Krown, O'Callaghan's Pub, Tap & Mallet, Tap & Table, Thomas Creek Ice Arena's Bar and Water Side Wine Bar.

- Rochester's Newest Local Brews: Rogers Pale Ale, Rogers The Bulldog IPA, Rogers The Hound Dog Scotch Ale and Rogers The Mutt Double IPA! -

Rogers Pale Ale Official Description: "This beautiful, golden hued American Pale Ale is brewed using the finest North American hops and malts. This beer is medium-bodied with a soft malt flavor and pleasant hop aroma. The malt flavor comes from a blend of 2-row, Caravienne and Caramunich malts. The hops are a special blend of Cascade and Liberty added in 5 separate additions. The last of these hop additions is a "dry hopping" addition where the hops are actually added to the beer during the final stages of fermentation for maximum flavor and aroma. Rogers Pale Ale clocks in at 5.5% ABV."

Rogers The Bulldog IPA Official Description: "This delicious Reddish Hued American India Pale Ale is brewed with four top of the line malts as well as four different hops. We've combined a blend of 2-row, Caramel, Munich, and Vienna malts giving this beer a smooth, bold flavor. The beer is then hopped with Columbus, Northern Brewer, Cascade, and Zythos Hops to give the beer its distinct flavor and wonderful aroma. Rogers The Bulldog IPA clocks in at 6.5% ABV."

Rogers The Hound Dog Scotch Ale Official Description: "This tasty creation is a hybrid beer, mixing the best of both Belgian and English ingredients. Using 2-row with three Belgian specialty malts and Belgian Candi Syrup gives this beer its smooth malty flavor. We then use English hops to give this beer its great aroma, and finally we use a mildly malty and slightly fruity English style yeast strand to finish it off. Rogers The Hound Dog Scotch Ale clocks in at 6.6% ABV."

Rogers The Mutt Double IPA Official Description: "The Mutt is crafted with a beautiful malty backbone to balance the alcohol and delicious hoppy bitterness. With 2.5 pounds of hops per barrel, this beer is powerfully hopped giving you tons of juicy fruit aroma. The Mutt clocks in 8.0% ABV."

Rogers Beer